Divine Command Theory

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Marren D. Arienda Mr. Sandoval II-10 BVE Sept. 5, 2015
1. Choose at least two (2) relevant ethical theories/framework, and cite its view and as well as its importance in the educational context, especially to teachers/educators. Discuss thoroughly and cite examples.
Divine Command Theory According to this theory, an act is morally right if it is commanded or willed by the Lord. This theory also asserts that an act is immoral if it is prohibited or outlawed by the Creator. For an act to be moral is simple to follow God’s commandments. This theory could be a good standard of determining things whether it is right or wrong, the same as determining and guiding our actions towards goodness. But in the educational
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You treat them with respect and dignity as how you treat those people who are close to you. By means of pakikipag-kapwa tao, we learn to show concern at care for other people and we learn to exercise empathy to one another. As a proof of this innate trait of the Filipinos, we may cite the pakikiramay or the helpfulness and generosity of the people concerned and hospitality wherein Filipinos are receptive and accommodative to guest. We can also add the practice of bayanihan or mutual assistance. In history, bayanihan is the term used for assisting a particular family in delivering their house or their nippa home in another area. It is surprising that the ones who volunteered to assist the family are not really expecting anything in return, only a mere intention to help their fellow…show more content…
While there is significant effort examining the pedagogical development of pre-service teachers’ knowledge and skills after their internship experience, there is little research examining their experience of ethical theories/framework, nor ways to further enhance pre-service teachers’ ethical reasoning. There should be some guidance that provides points of reflection regarding how pre-service teachers’ process and reason through situations and indicates directions learning opportunities more aligned with their experiences and expressed
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