Divine Command Theory In Antony's Good Minus God

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In Antony’s paper Good Minus God: The Moral atheist, she is questioning the label of “bad” that has been placed on atheists. To help aid her throughout her paper, she uses the differences between the divine command theory (D.C.T) and the divine independence theory (D.I.T). According to Antony (pg. 5) “Whatever the gods love — bingo! — That’s pious.” This is what she uses to define the D.C.T. Antony defines the D.I.T (pg. 6) to be “that the goodness of an action is a feature that is independent of, and antecedent to God’s willing it.” To further explain, the D.C.T is the belief that if god finds something moral and good then it is pious. The D.I.T is the belief that god finds something pious because it is moral and good. It’s like going shopping
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