Divine Healing Research Paper

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2.1 Medical Science and Divine Healing
One of the most prominent points of contention is the relationship between divine healing and medical science. Is trusting God for healing require refraining from seeking the care of physicians or to abstain from medical remedies?
Paul Tillich,whose theology of healing is rooted in the concept of salvation asserts that sickness can be deeply rooted in mental anguish and estrangement, which manifests itself in the physical body. He then raises the question: If ultimate healing comes through the salvation of Christ, should people seek psychologists, and doctors for help? He practically answers "Sometimes." Thus, he supports dealing with the human condition with modern science, but ultimately acknowledges that the strongest, most profound healing occurs through the spiritual pursuit of salvation through Jesus Christ. Tillich 's developed
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The Lord created medicines out of the earth, and the sensible will not despise them ..........
And he gave skill to human beings that he might be glorified in their marvellous works.........
Give the physician his place,for the Lord created him; do not let him leave you,for you need him.
There may come a time when recovery lies in the hands of physicians, for they too pray to the lord that he grant them success in diagnosis and in healing,for the sake of preserving life. (Sir.38:1-4)
In medical practice, research findings reveal “the positive effects of religious belief and practice on both mental and physical health.” Koenig’s research introduces the fact that the persons frequently say that “religion, i.e.faith in God, prayer, Scripture reading and church comforts and brings relief from anxiety and despair. People with religion tend to be “less depressed, anxious and cope better with adversity.”

God is our healer no matter how or where healing happens.Trusting in that, we open ourselves more fully to God’s work of
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