Divine Law Vs Man Made Law

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1.0 INTRODUCTION The honourable chairman, I and my partner standing as the opposing speaker for the motion of “man-made law are superior to divine law”. Based on our position, we believed that divine law are superior to man made laws. 2.0 CONTENTS 2.1 SUBMISSION 2.1.1 Submission - Speaker 1 As the first speaker for the opposing party, I would like to submit the the divine law is better and superior than man made law as it could be applied broadly to all communities and it is suitable man. To support this claim, I would like to give attention to Chapter 24 Verse 64 of the Holy Quran, which states, “Unquestionably, to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and earth. Already He knows that upon which you stand and knows the Day when they will be returned to Him and He will inform them of what they have done. And Allah is Knowing of all things.”. The knowledge of God on human beings and their natural disposition, instincts, temperament and everything related to mankind, makes it possible for divine laws suitable to be adopted by everyone. For example, Islamic law, Christian law are divine laws which are applicable at almost every country. But then, man although had cummulated massive information on the world, is still have a limited knowledge compared to God. In comparison, mankind efforts to legislate law would usually only be suitable for themselves and not all mankind. For example, the Federal Constitution of Malaysia is only applicable in Malaysia, the local laws such
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