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Divine Providence Why do bad things always happen to good people? The unknown can cause confusion plus stress. Divine Providence determines what happens in life.
Being a hemisphere away from my grandmother as well as being naive to a certain sickness can take a toll on a twelve year old girl. When I was informed that she was sick, it was confusing at first since there were no details. I pictured her illness as a common cold or in most severe case the flu. As time progressed, her health failed to change in a positive direction; my concerns grew. I prayed every night for three months. The only thought on my mind at this point was her health. Putting all of my faith in God was my last resort to help my grandmother. Anxiously waiting for
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They spent two weeks in Uruguay; two weeks after they returned from their trip, my grandmother passed away. When I was informed, the world stopped, and my heart dropped. Because I was so furious, God no longer became a necessity of mine. Spending half a year asking for him to cure my grandmother's sickness and suffering, I could not understand why he had decided to take her life. In my eyes, God only heard half of my prayer. My way of solving the problem was to stop talking to someone that was not willing to listen to my thoughts. Fast forward to a year and a half later; I stopped going to church, talking to God, or reading the Bible. I had no desire to return to my Christian ways until my mother told me the condition of my grandmother in her last months of living. My grandmother had cancer that was coupled with a tumor which grew next to her heart; also, the tumor was twice the size of her heart. The cancer was stage four meaning it was untreatable; as for the tumor, it had grown too large and too close to her heart to remove without damaging her heart. Her body was slowly killing itself as it caused
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