Divine Revelation In Islam: The Sunnah Of The Prophet

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Ma Sirui 1221902 Section 1 Divine Revelation in Islam – the Sunnah of the Prophet SOME DEFINITIONS Sunnah:The meaning is to roads, law, teaching, cautions that specifically to the prophet Muhammad 's words and deeds, manners, style. Mohammed’s words and deeds have been the disciple as follow. After Muhammad 's death, for the demand of the faith and worship, Muhammad 's words and deeds, manners and style are they support, form a complete system is recorded in the book the prophet seers, Arabic read the book "ha di", Chinese muslims will be translated into "holy example", in the civil widely circulated. Hadith: It refers to Prophet’s word, actions and behaviours. Any hadith made from two parts, the first part is known as “isnad”, and the second is known as “matn.” Hadith is the supplement and interpretation of al-Quan. THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SUNNAH AND HADITH: In my opinion, I think the Ahadith is the theory and the Sunnah is the practice. The way we are going on and the words we are following. THE COLLECTION OF PROPHET’S HADITH: Collection that rule is at the beginning of the prophet died after one hundred. During his lifetime for the prophet, banned the gate disciple recorded his words and deeds, to prevent the mixing with the Koran. Four caliphs period, people there are very cautious when rule, and just about oral, not taking. Until the 8th century, with the rapid spread of Islam, there were new situation and the situation changes, pooling rule has become the

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