Divine Revelation Reflection

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At the mention of “Divine Revelation”, my thoughts on it before were very narrow and simple. Back then, I would have mostly thought of revelations that occurred during the time when Jesus Christ was still alive. I had this expectation that the revelations would be mostly relating to the prophecies that we know from the bible, or what the church is constantly saying is the message of God.
However, after getting to know the lesson more in detail and better, I realized that my perception of the topic was wrong, as “Divine Revelation” is much broader and more meaningful than we realized. Furthermore, I able to understand better how “Divine Revelation” or simply God’s revelation is still very much present in modern times today. The …show more content…

The bible is what helps keeps our faith alive as it contains a rich amount of history that tells us of God’s revelation and the ways how our faith works. Although the bible contains numerous works of different people, it is still a work of God that helps our faith remain constant and grow, as everything written was under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In some way, I was able to understand the value also of the other books, as before I did not really take interest of the other books included bible, aside from the likes of the Gospels, Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, and Proverbs. Nevertheless, I realized that the books are all part of the bible as each has a purpose to serve and stands as a testament to the infidelity of mankind, and of God’s unfailing love for …show more content…

I am aware of the gospels that we have which are Mark, Matthew, John, and Luke, but just like the manner of how God reveals himself in other religions outside Christianity, the other divisions of the gospels came across as a another shocker for me. Although I am aware of the Gnostic Gospel of Mary Magdalene, but that is merely because of the film The Da Vinci Code, and I did not really know the entire extent of the Gnostic Gospels, which further escalated my curiosity for this topic. Anyhow, I believe by having these kind of divisions for the Gospel is good, because it helps people know and understand the truth about our faith. The way I see it, if the Gnostic Gospels were not classified as it is then there would be disunity and confusion around us in our religion. If it were not for the Canonical Gospels, the official gospels of the bible as they were written out of devotional and evangelical purpose, no one would be then certain of what our faith is really about and who Jesus Christ truly is to us. Also by classifying these gospels, people will be able to envision better the timeline of Jesus’ life and which are actual true facts about

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