Divorce And Love: The Impacts Of Love And Marriage

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I was just six years old when my parents got divorced. When I tell people this, they are inclined to look at me with a melancholic expression and pity, but I always put a halt to it. I tell them that I was one of the fortunate few. My parents were civil to each other and my childhood was pretty decent.
I never considered either of my parents to be a single parent. Despite their divorce, they looked after me in unison. My time was divided amongst both of them. Half of the year, I resided at my father’s residence and the other half at my mother’s apartment. Their houses were just a ten minute drive from each other so I was never far away from either of them. Every Saturday night, we would have dinner together and there was no hostility. My parents
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I had believed that I had been untouched by the horrible affects of divorce, until six years ago. A warm hearted and understanding man and I decided to get married. Instead of being ecstatic, my happiness was blurred with fear even though I was sure he was the love of my life and I still am.
As time has passed, I have figured out that in actuality my parents’ divorce did affect me and as a result it will definitely have some impact on my marriage. We initially understand the concept of love and marriage by looking at our parents. We learn about the roles of being a spouse by observing their relationship and how to handle difficult times, but in my case when the going got tough my parents abandoned their relationship.
When I decided to get married, I made a vow to myself that I would never get divorced. Thinking about divorce, before even getting married was not really a good start. Even after five years of marriage, whenever I have an argument with my husband, there is this subtle fear that the disagreement might lead to divorce. Even though, he has never threatened to abandon me. Fortunately, I have been able to discuss this fear with my husband and he tries his best to
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There have been many moments when instead of aiming to better my relationship with my husband, I was just avoiding conflict because deep inside, I believe conflict will eventually lead to divorce. The other day, my husband decided to invest our money from the joint account in a new construction venture even though I had told him not to. When I asked him about it, he listed the reasons as to why he believed strongly in the venture and could not let me make a mistake. After arguing a bit more, I stopped and said, “I guess you are right” with a big sigh. I acted submissive, in order to avoid conflict. Usually, when I believe in something I stand by it no matter what the outcome might be, but when it comes to my marriage my responses are different because of

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