Divorce In A Doll's House

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In the modern world divorce is not something that is considered overly strange or obtuse regardless of whether the person to instigate the divorce is the husband or wife. For many people, marriage is both a legal contract between two individuals who decide building their life together but also the divine union of two separate spirits. In A “Doll House” by Henrik Ibsen, the character of Nora leaves her husband of several years in order to pursue her own goals in life and find herself. While many people might still see this as a controversial decision as the woman had children with her husband, others instead point out the ways in which Nora acts as a kind of precursor to the women's rights movement as she decides to make a change for her own betterment instead of for the betterment of her family. It is in this light that Nora’s perspective on her life, the changes that she needs to make, and the overall way she is treated by her husband that allows her to make her decision as one that is not only understandable but preferential to the alternative of staying with Torvald. The ending of A Doll’s House was considered controversial in its time because of the fact that the woman left her husband in order to find herself. In modern Western culture, this same perspective on the role of women in the family has remained…show more content…
For Nora, the goal was not to simply escape her life but instead to make a life for herself that she could be proud of and live with happily. Torvald did not treat her with the respect that a husband should treat a wife by modern standards and while this might have been considered a controversial decision for the period in which it was written, by modern standards it can easily be shown as the logical way to end the
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