Divorce In Bangladesh Essay

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Divorce: In case of relationship, we see ups and down in every society. In case of such problem-atic situation where husband and wife cannot agree, they should try to mutually reach in a deci-sion to find the solution that is supported by Quran. However, if it is not possible by any means to find a solution then they should call for the arbitrator from the both families of husband and wife to meditate the situation, this is mentioned in Surat An-Nisa, chapter 4, verse 35. Even if it is not possible to find a solution in this level, then they can think about divorce, however it is not appreciated by Islam. Divorce is a vast issue and only takes place after fulfilling some condi¬tions. Under Islamic rules, divorce can be given many ways. However most common practiced way of giving divorce is divorce by talak. The meaning of talak is giving divorce. This type of divorce is given by husband when hus¬band pronounces three times talak. However after pronouncing two times talak, it is possible to be mutual and think to continue their relation, however after saying three times this talak…show more content…
Under different circumstances, Women can seek judicial divorce most importantly, if husband does not give her maintenance, or unable to perform the obligation of marriage. Or if husband has married more than once and he has not fulfilled the condition in which circumstances he is allowed for second time marriage. (Although in Bangladesh polygamy allowed but the husband must fulfill certain

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