Cause And Effect Essay: The Cause Of Divorce

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Divorce is a familiar expression in our society today. People now often make divorce as a major issue in family discussions. Any problems associated with the family from their own family members. Domestic abuse problem would not have happened if each family member their own role. In Islam, divorce is something that is disliked by Islam but allowed if they have reasons and specific reasons. According to the language of divorce mean renunciation and according to the Islamic law, divorce is the renunciation of marriage by divorce pronouncement and the like. Divorce is the last solution for a husband and wife who have no understanding for living together and there is no consensus in the lead a married life.

To illustrate my point about the cause of divorce is a normally dissociation that arises out of self, family and society. This causes an immediate cause problems for divorce. This issue has never
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This involves the families of the men and women. The family should not adopt the attitude of interference in domestic problems of their children. There are parents who love their children even stifles their children married. Indirectly, the relationship between law and family will be tenuous and problematic. Therefore, if there are problems in the marriage, the couple is encouraged to tell their problems to the family. But referring to a specialist such as family consultants, counsellors, and others. This is because, their problems will not be distributed to anyone as tough.

In conclusion the ability of families to cope with dissociation is a decisive factor to effect dissociation of either negative or positive. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to support their children to handle this situation with the utmost tact and diplomacy. If parents choose to split up, children must be explained why and give time to them. So parents must take and make decisions wisely after considering all aspects of
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