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Divorce Iranian Style is a 1998 documentary film directed by Kim loninotto and Ziba Mr-Hosseini. In this documentary, it shows the chronicles of three real divorce cases in Iran's tribunals. These legal battles of the three Iranian couples seeking divorce in the Iranian court system is quite interesting. It depicts the culturally differences between men and women in the Iranian court, it also shows the complexity of blending religious law with a state-run court system. A key purpose of the documentary was to investigate the division and contrast between men and women in the Iranian court system. The justice system in the Iranian court system greatly favor men. It seems that men are taken more seriously than women. One example that I noticed in the documentary was that there were two entrances for men and women to enter the courthouse. In the male entrance, it showed that the men were searched for thing such as; weapons and cell phones. In the women entrance they were more concerned about them dressing according to Islamic standards and guidelines. This clearly shows that the court system doesn’t take women seriously. The documentary shows how the law and the court system in the Iranian court system are established in such a way to favor the rights of men over women. This is seen in the…show more content…
R. in his 2015 article, Anthropology and Islamic Law, in The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Law. In this work, he discusses the defense mechanism women set up in during marriage talks. It is said that Saudi brides’ mothers insist on including conditional clauses (shurut) in the marriage contracts, mainly to ensure the right to complete higher education or to work outside the home or add a clause to guarantee the right to a divorce in case the husband took a second wife. These clauses help bring the idea of Islamic law into a friendlier western idea of justice for

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