Divorce In The Philippines Essay

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Couples made a vow to each other and form a bond to live their lives together. But then, there are some instances that the bond they form was not enough to sustain their relationship forever. Many couples or married people ended up in divorce cause of many different issues like lack of commitment, too much arguing, infidelity, early marriage, and mostly common is abuse.

Divorce affects family members in many different ways. Couples who are one of the people having a divorce that has a families are facing or will be facing a very big and serious problem within the family. Of course, many of such families have one or more young children and teenagers, who must learn to live with the problem of divorced parents. In fact, everyone who is involved
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People didn’t think before they make a decision. Divorce mostly happening, when couples have conflict and they have a problem. Divorce is one of the solution in separating couples, for the Wife and husband to have freedom. The wife who is being abused by any means of their husband doesn’t just need an annulment, divorce is a must remedy, because in the life of a married person, even though you know each other very well, you were so closed with each other and you share your lives together, respect is still important to have a strong and satisfying…show more content…
Divorce will not benefit the Philippines, it will worsen the country. It will not be good to our country because it will totally wipe away the sacredness of the marriage. Our Catholic nation gives so much value making the family as a whole. If the divorce will be legalized here in the Philippines, the only person who will benefit by this bill is only the rich people. In order for you to file a divorce, you may be needing a lot of money. You’ll ended up with a big cost. Divorce is not an answer for the problems that are facing by so many married

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