Divorce-Personal Narrative Analysis

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At the age of two, I learned not only how say the word "da-da", but also how to say the word "divorce". Since my childhood, my father would be in and out of my life for months at a time. When my parents had first separated, I did not comprehend the extent of their decision. I still saw my dad regularly and my mom was always there to help me with homework at night, so the separation had caused no noticeable shift in my daily routine. Unlike most children in my same situation, my life was irrefutably peaceful. It was not until the night my father officially moved out that my life would change dramatically. Now being apart of a single-parent household, my mom now had to juggle the bills that previously relied on a two-parent income. It was not…show more content…
For two hours a day, I learned that the law and I had similar morals. I found beauty in the way the judge effortlessly spoke their mind to each plaintiff and defendant. Every judge that appeared on the screen before me had mastered the law accordingly, and wasted no time in making their carefully thought out decision. My brow would raise in curiosity and bewilderment at the myriad of possibilities people would come to court for. Each time I experienced a struggle in understanding, my father would pat me on the back and begin explaining a concept I had missed. Not once did the tender touch of his hand ever fall from my…show more content…
From then on, my debate coach mentored me to cross barriers. Mentally, speech and debate is a competition that required the ability to overwork yourself when competing with other students. Physically, this team had me committed to an activity that lasted for hours on end, never skipping a weekend for the whole of the school year. After years of solace found within the comfort of my introverted shell, I had finally managed to gain enough confidence to perform on a small stage every Saturday. I no longer felt fear when entering a large group of people. The world became my monumental stage where I would perform everyday of my
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