Divorce Rates In America Essay

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How Can America Stop the Divorce Rates from Rising? Many marriage couples in America vows include the phrase “till death do us part,” which today confuse the world’s mind because statically the United States have the highest divorce rates. Regarding to all the difficulties that the United States went through about marriages and divorce, our country finally became a “divorce culture”. Today when someone gets married, 50% of those marriages end in divorce courts. Marriages in this generation are in such sharp decline because of several factors such as age, education, and social class. Truthfully, the number one factor for divorce is less-educated couples because they are not financially ready and both couples are forced to work and feed their…show more content…
Even though many citizens do not realize our divorce rates in the past decade, today only 60% of America is in a marriage. The reality of a marriage is perfect for anybody that wants is to have someone to laugh and grow old with, to build a family and to have companionship with. America has had a few dramatic changes with divorce in this culture, but this should not let divorce rates rise. Americans should have tendency to promote on counseling and premarital counseling. In many relationships many couples tend to fight and bicker because of the hard time lives bring them. The marriage counseling job is to be able to let both couples should be able to express them efficiency and allow the counselor to give excellent feedback or a plan for a treatment. As William Doherty PHD explains, “In the hands of a good counselor, marriage counseling is successful 70%-80% of them.” Another key factor on help establish a healthy marriage is to send someone to pre-martial education. Pre-martial education is for couples which are engaged and interest on learning the fundamental to build a lovely marriage to better them for the future. Many couples get interested into this program because it is beneficial which allows them to know how to communicate, trust, love and manage money in a marriage. In
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