Divorce: The Causes Of Arranged Marriage

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The causes of divorce According to “highest divorce rate” (2016) Maldives is the highest country in the divorce rate, and the rate continues rising worldwide. Divorce is a legal break up between married couples. Such a breakup does not only affect the couples but also, their children. Most young aged do not want their parents to separate, so it can be stressful to them, and it may damage the parent-child relationship. Additionally, the children’s behavior is at a higher risk of having bad behavior. They are likely to develop problems with violation and anger. Divorce has a huge effect on female than male emotionally. Females can get depressed, unsocial and rude. Due to the fact that divorce is a major problem, one must realize what are the causes. Arranged marriage, lack of commitment and equality, and violence are the major causes of divorce.…show more content…
It is the type of marriage where the bride and the groom are selected by their parents and forced to marry each other. In western countries arranged marriage is something the parents have the despotic decision on, and not think as what their child really wants. Traditional marriage is the complete opposite to love marriage; the couples are usually strangers to each other. On the other hand, in the love marriage the couples know one another and are aware of whom the person they are going to live with are. Arranged marriage often end up separating because the husband and wife might get disappointed of how they treat each other because the husband may get bossy and have anger issues that the wife cannot

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