Divorced Parents Vs Married Parents

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Divorced Parents vs. Married Parents (Effects on Children) Children being raised in a single-parent household has become more common over the past decades. Parents, whether married or single, should always try their best to make the most for the benefit of their child’s future. However, children sometimes experience obstacles that are tough to overcome due to the type of lifestyle they are in. One of the factors could have been caused by the type of household the child lived in. The child could have been heavily affected because of living with married parents or with single parents. Any child’s future depends on the type of environment the child was raised in, specifically the family structure. Living with divorced parents or living with married…show more content…
Some children with divorced parents could have had an easier time adjusting the change in environment and found it as a better way to grow closer to the parent they ended up living with, in most cases it being their mothers. While growing up, the child would find their own way to a content life, coping with the new adjustments. In other cases, the child found a way to look on the bright side of the situation and enjoyed having additional members to the family after one or both parents found a new spouse. Others could have found it easier to understand both of their parents individually. Due to this, the child is able to build a more focused relationship with their parents or parent. These unique relationships would help the child find a more mature aspect on how relationships should be made for future relationships or friendships that come along. According to Abalos, “who leaves and stays in the conjugal household and who takes care of the children are two important decisions that estranged couples have to contend with”, so, with a healthy relationship between the child and divorced parents, or single parent, the child will be able to understand the role that both parents should own up to when raising their own children (2011). The process of accepting the divorce might not be difficult for the child to do after understanding that the divorce was because…show more content…
If the two parents were to ever have a serious argument that could not be overcome, the stress could pass on to the child depending on how the parents deal with the situation. Any tension between the parents could be observed quickly by the child and lead to the child being distracted instead of focusing on their academics or other activities in life that they should worry about. In some cases, a divorce could be too detrimental or expensive to go through with, so parents would continue to stay married, eventually making it uneasy for the child to cope with. The child could also feel pressured into taking sides as well. If the love between the parents fade away, the child could be heavily affected after observing the relationship changing between their parents. If the relationship between both parents become unhealthy, the child could also be confused on to how they should treat others around them and pick up on the actions of their own
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