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Diwali, the m0st pr0minent Hindu festival 0f India, is celebrated with a l0t 0f p0mp and sh0w. During this festival 0f lights, h0uses are dec0rated with clay lamps, candles, and Ash0k leaves. Pe0ple wear new cl0thes, participate in family puja, burst crackers, and share sweets with friends, families, and neighb0rs. Significance: The festival marks the return 0f L0rd Rama, al0ng with his wife Sita and br0ther Lakshmana, after a l0ng exile 0f 14 years. Key attracti0ns: H0mes dec0rated with fancy lights, candles and clay lamps, bustling sh0ps and markets, and firew0rks and crackers When: The darkest new m00n night 0f Kartik m0nth 0f the Hindu lunis0lar calendar, which c0rresp0nds t0 mid-0ct0ber – mid-N0vember as per the Greg0rian Calendar Where: All 0ver the c0untry…show more content…
0n the eve 0f H0li, pe0ple make huge H0lika b0nfires and sing and dance ar0und it. 0n the day 0f H0li, pe0ple gather in 0pen areas and apply dry and wet c0l0rs 0f multiple hues t0 each 0ther, with s0me carrying water guns and c0l0red water filled ball00ns. Significance: It signifies the vict0ry 0f g00d (Prince Prahlad) 0ver evil (H0lika) and the arrival 0f

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