Dixie Wilson Character Analysis

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Blessed “The best thing about being a mother is having your child tell you ‘I love you’ for no reason at all.” Dixie Wilson Kapitula is a loving daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and most of all,- a friend. She is single-minded and quick-tempered, but tries to be an honest person and wife. Even through a difficult childhood, a marriage, and raising children, Mrs. Kapitula tries to value two things above all else: health and family. Dixie Susan Wilson was born Saturday, March 8, 1941 in Albany, New York to Elizabeth Mary Wilson and Eugene Boyson Wilson. She had one sister, Bettie, who was born in 1933. Her first memory is sitting on the top of the stairs with Bettie teaching her to tie her shoes. Throughout her youth, her family constantly had cats. After taking one cat in, it gave birth to kittens, and then the kittens had kittens! At one point, there were 9 cats in the house. Even though she has happy memories, she experienced a difficult childhood. Her parents were often drunk, so she frequently hid in her room. Growing up, her father was a doctor. Although they had a reasonable income, they spent money on very little. Vacations were few and far between. She was also a sickly child. Her mother, who was a nurse, often stayed home to take care of Dixie. Dixie was also emotionally…show more content…
She was not encouraged to have dreams, and she had no role model or hero growing up. Her parents biggest concern was to have the neighbors respect and like their family. But she was smart, and had friends in the neighborhood to help her through her
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