Dj Kol Herc Rap History

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Rap DJ Kool Herc, who is the godfather of rap, and his sister Cindy use to through parties for kids who was going back to school. They would use these parties to spark the beginning of a genre. Hip-Hop was born on August 11 1973. One night it hit rap DJ Kool Herc’s. He wanted to do something different. It was called “merry go round”. He used two turntables while playing the same break beat section of the James Brown record “clap your hands”. He would use one turntable and play that entire segment. Then he would switch over to the other turntable and play the same segment. It allowed him to extend that section of the song as long as he wanted. DJ Kool Herc did and looping was born. Music producers use this in almost every beat. Later on…show more content…
It was music created by African Americans during the World War II era and extended to the beginning of the early 1960s. It became extremely popular during that time. Employment began to increase during World War II era. It evolved and began to bring poor people to the suburban cities. It created a younger and more urban black audience. The beginning of 1946 swing music began to fade, but the high demand for music still remained. Early R&B artists began to stray away from the big band format and decided to perform in small groups. It focus on blues-style vocals and song structures. Saxophone and piano were still important, but electric guitar and bass added a different vibe to the music. It was the beginning of a new sound. The main area they wanted to focus their R and B music was in Atlanta Ga. Chuck Willis is considered one of the founded fathers of R and B. He began singing at block parties, dances, and talent shows in Atlanta. In the midst of all this when he met Zenas Sears. This became his manager. Willis had hits on both the R&B and pop charts from 1956 to 1958. He was also a successful artist and he began to compose other songs for other artist. Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and many more are example of great musician he composed for. He died in 1958 from stomach ulcers at the age of thirty. His song "What Am I Living For" was number one on the R&B charts. The was the end of classic R&B…show more content…
Their roots stems from Africa and Europe tradition. Some people say that jazz is a combination of African and European music. They did not start Recording Jazz until 19117. It was difficult due to severe technical limitations. The acoustical recording equipment made it hard to hear the true sound of the bands. Early accounts of the Jazz bands would had turn the century. Buddy Bolden 's band became a very popular band during this time. They didn’t played what was written. No musical notation has yet been devised that accurately describes the feel of a great performance. The geographic location of the earliest Jazz experiments and the parties involved have been the subject much controversy. Many Jazz writers have pointed out that the non-Jazz elements from which Jazz began. Blues, Ragtime, Brass Band Music, Hymns and Spirituals, Minstrel music and work songs were rising in the United States and was began to recognized in dozens of cities. Jelly Roll Morton is considered to be the inventor of Jazz in 1902. The Jazz musicians was born and raised in New Orleans. New Orleans is considered the Jazz center and it came to an end in 1917. It was during World War I. Jazz went on to later earn the title of America 's Classical Music. It made the long trip from Funky Butt Hall to Carnegie Hall in 20 years. It eventually gained recognition from the Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts, the Smithsonian
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