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DJ Mc Screwdriver: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to WLGB, I am your swave, handsome, charming and otherwise great guy, DJ Mc Screwdriver. Today we are talking about the perception of homosexuals in modern times amongst American citizens. Here with me I have five experts, Dr. Durso, Dr. Berry, Dr. Beckhed and Dr. Tan and Dr. Mora, each who have interesting facts to contribute. So to start off, does religion affect sexuality in any way? Durso: Well thanks for having us. To answer your question, it isn’t for homosexuals. Case closed. Berry: It does, actually. The mindful connection of a gay man’s perfect image follows a similar construct to that of Buddhist views. “The mind, heart, and body, according to Kabat-Zinn and most Buddhist teachers,…show more content…
Puerto Ricans and Dominicans tend to come from more Religious families, often monotheistic such as Christian. Often times, homosexuals are seen as evil or twisted? DJ Mc Screwdriver: So are gay men sick? Berry: We should take into account there are no boundaries. Men willingly become objects of lust and that is completely normal. Durso: Well, bisexuals and homosexuals need to be looked at differently. My study shows rates of nondisclosure of their sexual preference to be higher in bisexual males than homosexual men. There has to be something that affects their self-image If they must hide who they are. Beckhead: I have to say that some people are distressed by their sexuality and I have been working on a “therapeutic framework” in order to highlight their distress and help manage it. There have been interventions done, both voluntarily and non-voluntarily to convert. Others underwent surgical surgery to remove the unwanted sex drive. Others use pills. Long story short, it depends on what you define as sick and twisted. I believe the only way for homosexuals to overcome their “fear of heterosexual intercourse is in ned with a woman.” DJ Mc Screwdriver: Are LGBT born that way if you claim they can be

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