Brief Summary Of The Movie 'Django'

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DJANGO starts out the screenplay in shackles, chained up with 4 other men after being sold in the Greenville Slave Auction to two brothers. DR.SCHULTZ approaches the two brothers in search of a slave who came from the Carrucan Plantation. Django responds to him and Dr.Schultz attempts to buy him out of slavery. The brothers become stubborn and refuse to sell Django for a reasonable price, so Dr.Schultz shoots one of them and then shoots the others horse and it lands on top of his leg. The living brother, who is now complaining about how he may have to amputate his foot, accepts the offer for $80 as Dr.Schultz buys Django, and later gives him his freedom. Dr. Schultz recommends to the slaves before he leaves that they should kill the living brother and become free. Then he takes Django and they're off.…show more content…
Schultz offers Django the horse they stole from the dead brother. Dr.Schultz insists that Django names his horse, and so Django names the horse Tony, and he doesn’t share the reason, but that leaves an air of mystery for Dr. Schultz. They enter the town of Daughtrey in Texas, and there they enter a Saloon and the saloon keeper refuses to serve a black man. The Saloon Keeper then gets the Sheriff,because of this. It is then when Dr. Schultz explains that he is a bounty hunter, and explains it in comparison to slavery. His description explains that bounty hunters sell corpses like slave traders sell slaves. Dr.Schultz then mentions how much he despises slavery and wants Django to be free once he is done using Django for knowledge. He offers Django $25 for each Brittle brother, which is who he is on the search for. After this exchange they meet the Sheriff, who is killed by Dr.Schultz. Then the Marshall is called, and Dr.Schultz mentions that the Sheriff was actually a wanted man who had a $200 bounty over his head. Dr.Schultz collects the money and he and Django are
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