Djarum Super Television Advertisement Analysis

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Introduction Advertisements are easy to find because there are so many advertisements nowadays. They can be found in newspaper, magazine, brochure, pamphlet, or in television and radio. Producers of products or services are competing to make a good advertisement to their products or services because if the advertisement is interesting, it will be good impact toward the product or service. According to Oxford Dictionaries (2014), advertisement is a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, and event or publicizing a job vacancy. Meanwhile, the word ‘advertisement’ comes from the Latin verb ‘advertere’ meaning ‘to turn toward (Hasanah, 2013). Besides to promoting and publishing, advertisement has other functions. Schwartz and Sagiv (1995, cited in Branchik and Chowdhury, 2012), advertisement expresses societal values or desirable goals that serve as…show more content…
First, generally masculinity is presented through the use of adult men actors, who have proportional bodies (brawny, six packs), short hair cut, Indonesian faces, brown and dark skin. Proportional bodies showed by all actors in this advertisement, it related to the product offered by the advertisement. The advertiser chooses the actors who have brawny bodies and six packs to persuade the buyer that the real man or masculine should be like this, smokes Djarum Super and have proportional bodies (brawny, big arms and six packs). Meanwhile, brown and dark skin signifies masculine man who love adventure in outdoor. It showed by the color of that men skin who is burning by sunlight because those men have adventure soul and they show to the viewer that masculine men are not the one who have bright skin, soft skin and beautiful hands but the one who have strong body, brawny and six packs and short male hair cut signifies conservative (Barnard,
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