Dna Code Of Identity Essay

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What makes a person discrepant from one another? DNA Code. Hair color. Careers. Identity is everything that makes a person the individual that they are. Most people have to make choices that will result in their own identity. In a lifetime, a person must ask themselves the question, who I am I in this world? In the book Lies I Told by Michelle Zink, a young girl named Grace Fontaine tries to find out who she is in life. Her life shows the perfect example of how her decisions shape her into who she becomes because of the choices she makes. In the book Lies I Told, Grace Fontaine questions why she makes the actions that she does in her life. She steals from people for one reason only, and that is to stay with a family who loves her. Meanwhile, after each assignment she convinces herself that she is a normal child. She could not make herself believe that she was a thief. Grace explains her feelings towards her past to her brother. “No one’s hurting me anymore, I…show more content…
The choices I make show other people who I am becoming. Grace Fontaine struggled in finding what she would do in her life. However, I know myself and am comfortable with the person I am becoming to be. In addition, nothing can make me believe I am going to become someone else. My confidence and upbringing will help me into becoming a successful and healthy minded individual. In the final analysis, a person’s identity can make or break them in society or their everyday life. When an individual such as Grace Fontaine struggles with her own identity things become problematic. In the book Lies I Told, Grace Fontaine spends most of her teenage years finding who she is. She questions whether she is a normal teenager, or a cowardly thief. In the end, she comes to the conclusion that she is a thief. Unlike her, I do not have struggles in my daily life with finding who I am or will be. My future is going to be successful, and that is set in
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