Dna Fingerprinting Cracking Our Genetics Barcode Summary

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What would this generation do without cell phones is a question teenagers get a lot. But really, what would life be like without cell phones or any technology? In the article “DNA Fingerprinting: Cracking Our Genetic “Barcode” by Elanie N. Marieb, talks about how technology has evolved and helped with advancing DNA fingerprinting and identifying a person. In the next article “Can Technology Help Us Put an End to Animal Experimentation?” by George Dvorsky, talks about how technology advancements has come up with alternatives that can eliminate testing products on animals. Technology has become part of everyday life. Technology has advanced over the years and has benefitted the way we live today through the different devices for the medical field, discovering alternatives, and new ways to study genetics. Technology has benefited the medical field greatly with the new machinery that is available today.…show more content…
According to the article “DNA Fingerprinting: Cracking Our Genetic “Barcode” (2009) with the technology that is provided today, scientist have an easier way to study genetics. Genetics is important because it can help with disease risk. With this knowledge, it will help to know if a person is at risk for a certain disease because it runs in the family. In the article “Can Technology Help Us Put an End to Animal Experimentation” (2012), it talks about why using lab animals, such as rats and monkeys were useful. Lab animals such as rats, have a similar body set up like humans. “.. But mostly because mice are cheap, docile, and good subjects for genetic engineering experiments” (George Dvorsky, 2012 pg.524). According to the article animals, like rats, body set up is very similar to ours, so if the rats react in a negative behavior, scientist will know something is wrong with the product being experimented. With these technology advancements, there are many ways to study genetics in useful
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