Do African American Men Face Obstacles And Misfortunes

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Generations of financial, public, political, and personal adversities convince many African American fathers to believe that their self worth and contributions to fathering are less important than others (Strong, 2008). Most African American men have a strong desire to be involved in their child’s life and want to fulfill the role as fathers in a healthy way, yet an array of challenges impede their opportunities (Fleck et al., 2013). African American men face obstacles and misfortunes in an attempt to be actively involved. Fathers who face financial hardships are often associated with little education, rigid work schedules, and poor social support which negatively influences father involvement (Freeman, Newland & Coyl, 2008). Additional circumstantial barriers of father involvement include unemployment, lack of transportation, homelessness, substance abuse, and mental health complications (Cheadle, Amato, & King, 2010). The lack of services to help alleviate many of the obstacles…show more content…
Alarmingly, African American men make up 6% of the general population, but they represent 50% of the prison community (Perry & Bright, 2012). Despite the atrocious effects of incarceration, African American boys feel that imprisonment is a way of life given the prevalence in their environments (Perry & Bright, 2012). The Bureau of Statistics (2011) reported that by the end of 2010, the African American prisoner population consisted of 3,074 prisoners per 100,000 while the Caucasian prisoner population consisted of 459 prisoners per 100,000; thereby making African American males seven times more distinguishable in the U.S. correctional system. Evidence shows that many African American children have incarcerated fathers but are hesitant about discussing its effects on their lives (Geller, 2009). The African American community cycle of incarceration is at an incline, therefore parental incarceration is highly suggested in screening assessments for therapy (Perry & Bright,

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