Doroids Dream Of Electric Sheep Essay

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Book Review Kids always fantasize of robots and life on other planets because the extravagance of something that is not a part of reality; yet, is not a distant fantasy. However, when you take the fantastical value of Star Wars, a movie an adult would not talk about in a serious matter and mesh it with the societal significance of Black Mirror your product is appealing to any audience. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick is a perfect example of a book that can be appreciated by anyone regardless of age. The scene starts a few years after the nuclear fallout of World War Terminus. Most humans had emigrated to mars with an android to work for them. However, some humans stayed on earth for various reasons. Recently, androids have begun escaping from mars and coming back to earth, slaying humans in the process. Rick Deckard, the protagonist, is the man tracks down and kills these androids; known as an android hunter. However, as Rick begins killing more androids he begins to develop complicated feelings for them that affect his ability to carry out his job. This book is renowned for its…show more content…
The book creates a beautiful, poetic romance between Rachel, an android, and Rick that leads to absolutely nowhere. While I didn't expect It to be a Romeo and Juliet story, I did expect more substance to the relationship. Especially after Rick says, "'If I could marry you by law, I would'" after having relations with Rachel. Instead, his feelings towards her whimsically vanish because he kills more androids. Perhaps even more infuriating was the lack of closure for the character, Isidore. They build up Isidore as a 'special' that willingly harbors androids. However, his character infuriatingly vanishes after Rick deals with the androids Isidore is looking after. Leaving a heart-wrenching open end to Isidore's innocent character. Making the plot feel as if the book is missing
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