Do Athletes Get Paid Too Much

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Do Athletes Get Paid Too Much ? Yes, athletes get paid too much. For example LeBron James made $ 71 million last year alone. Most athletes make at least $ 2-5 million each year. The average family income is only $54,000. Why do we make so much less for working when all they do is play a game. We make very little compared to athletes. “LeBron James made $ 71 million last year. The President of the United States did not make that much.”pg. 24 lines 1-4. We pay people who play games more than we pay someone who runs the whole country. Why are we handing them such exorbitant amounts of money ? “There are plenty of people who have difficult and dangerous jobs, no one is handing them exorbitant amounts of money.” pg.24 lines 24-27. We
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