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Every film should be looked through the glass of time it represents. Do Bigha Zameen and Upkar are two cult classic movies which brought a new wave in the Hindi cinema during the time when Bengal famine had hit to the country. The story of the two movies revolves around the agrarian - culture and show how there was a culture of agriculture that farmers had always celebrated. Agriculture and its historical ecological intervention has not only shaped nature in the desirable form of man but has also imparted personality to the land. Farming in agriculture an emotional bond formed between land and the people was beautifully showed in Do Bigha Zameen. How the first rain is celebrated like am auspicious occasion amongst the villagers in which almost everyone celebrate the monsoon. The story revolves around the land which Shambhu Maheto a…show more content…
A world completely different from the where the protagonists are coming from. There is a close resemblance of the spatial difference which are displayed by the characters of the movie, where on one side in Do Bigha Zameen Shambhu and his son Kanhaiya enter as complete strangers to the city, on the other hand in Upkar Bharat’s younger brother Puran (character played by Prem Chopra) turn stranger to the rural once he comes back from his urban space. The estranged feeling showcased by the characters are very much connected to the space they come from, where Shambhu who is rural farmer tries to carries his values and ethics to a place which does not have a high regard for his integrity. While in another movie Upkar Puran distinctly show how the glitzy and glamour of urban life makes Puran blind of the integrity and dignity which his brother Bharat carried. So, in the both the movies the uncanny, hostile surrounding of the urban space is displayed in the movie. Where the meanings attached to the city is completely opposite to the meaning attached to the rural

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