Do Black Lives Matter

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Do They Really Matter?
Living in a society where hiding our true feelings is normal. A society where speaking up is fronded upon. Where speaking our heart is encouraged, but the consequences of doing so strike us with fear. It has become hard to express ourselves, without our emotion getting in the way. Our bottled up emotions erupt into anger. Although the anger is fueled by the fear of what could come. In recent years there has been a growing movement. Some would argue that it is not a movement, but a growing problem. Black lives matter has been spreading across America. I do believe black lives matter. As a mixed minority I completely understand the unmistakable feeling that covers the body like goose bumps. What is causing all the anger, frustration, fear, and disbelief? Some will mistake it as a police whiplash,
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It is a situation that is not clear to everyone. From the outside looking in, one would assume that it is because the ridiculous ways, some minorities are being killed by police officers. That is not it; those are the straws that broke the camels back. It is still hard to comprehend how the majority of the minorities is still being treated. It all melts down to equal treatment in every department. I have experience in numerous occasions being treated differently due to my ethnicity. After an interview at a local bank, I closed the manager’s door to leave. I overheard them say “ yeah I am not hiring that black guy, not while I am alive!’ followed buy laugher. It hurts to be treated differently by something as simple as skin color. To think that in 2016 minorities still face these kinds of problems. It is not fair that, minorities face a different world than others. The people who face such problems, do not want to show fear. They hide a mask their feelings, and tend to show other emotions, most of the time it is
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