Do Curfews Keep Teens Out Of Trouble Essay

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Do curfews keep teens out of trouble? The issue with this is, that teens disagree that they shouldn’t have curfews, but the curfews keep them out of trouble. A bad thing about this that teens say is, that it restricts them from staying over at a family or friends house too long. The curfew would keep them from wandering in the dark. Some teens speak out against this, and some are good with it. My opinion would be that giving teens a curfew is good idea when they’re young.

The first reason for my opinion is, that teens that wander in the night is more likely to get kidnapped and taken away. Most teens can’t protect themselves if they are being threatened with a gun or a knife to their face. When teens wander in the night, there is a good chance of them to get taken. The teen could be lured to a random car or van and they could be killed. Teens are not as careful anymore, because they are really confident that things like this won’t happen to them. “there
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They wouldn’t want to go home yet because they’re curious what 's happening. A shootout commences and as the teens run away, one of them get shot in the chest or leg and they start panicking. The police gets there and they are arresting everyone over where the shootout is. The teens get arrested for something they weren’t involved in.

The last reason why teens should have curfews is, if a teen is outside and it starts getting dark, the parents start to get worried. The parents worry that there could be someone following them or be killed. In order for parents to keep their children safe, you should give them a curfew, so that they could be safe if anything were to happen in the dark. To save more children, you need to give them curfews to save innocent lives. “One of many things like gangs and parolees, we need to do something, people are
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