Do Doing Sports Coping With Stress Essay

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Do doing sports helping coping with stress? In the recent years, releasing stress is being a critical issue among the society due to the bustling lifestyle in Hong Kong. People are more concerned the stress level than former. Thus, there are a lots of way to cope with stress. Listening classic music , fishing ,dancing and exercising are the example of dealing with stress. However, doing sport is the common and efficiency way to cope with stress among society. In this essay, we are going to discuss how exercise help coping with stress. In the following essay, we are going to explain how exercise let individual forget the stressor. Furthermore, doing exercise also makes the brain release some chemicals in order to fight with stress. Doing regular exercise helps individual to increase stress resistance and it…show more content…
In 1998, Picabo Street, who was an Olympic skier, was crashed during the race and experienced serious leg injury. She has received treatment and rehabilitated for the following two years. She claimed she went all the way to rock bottom and thought herself as a caged animal. It was believed that during the rehabilitation, she has overcome depression due to her injury. Another extreme example is Kenny McKinley who was an American football player before his death. The occurrence of the knee injury and uncertainty about his post-surgery career were considered as the reasons of his suicide. (Margot P., 2014) Yet, non-athletes are undergoing less vigorous exercises comparing with athletes and they have lower chance to experience serious injury. Having appropriate treatments and rehabilitation allow most of the injured to recover without any decline in performance. Therefore, physical and mental consultations are important after the injury. Sports is still a good stress reliever if enough safety precautions were

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