Do Groups Make Better Decisions Essay

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When do groups make better decisions than individuals? The first question that comes to mind when we hear of groups and individual decision-making is what is decision-making? Individuals, groups, teams, and corporate entities are confronted with daily decision-making. For instance, if we have three things to choose from, and we pick one against the other two things, there is a decision-making process that led to that choice. In other words, decision-making means a choice or preference of something among other alternative (Bauer & Erdogan, 2009). In the knowledge of the above definition, it is essential to know that group makes better decisions if the group is diverse. This is because individuals in the group have different experiences and…show more content…
The ultimate goal of the technique is that no one should be sideline when it comes to making decisions. Understandably, this technique is not an every meeting use, but it is meant for use when a group is in a crossroad or in need to generate ideas. Delphi Technique: This technique involves using a questionnaire filled out by individuals without physically assembling them to make a decision. The questionnaire asks individuals to write down answers for series of questions which is then used to reach a consensus decision by the group. Majority Rule: This technique suggests that every group member has a voting right to an opinion and the opinion that has the highest vote is implemented. It is arguably a popular technique in decision-making within a group. Consensus: This technique involves a collective and cooperative ability to gain maximum support for an idea or plan within the group. Consensus is more time consuming because everyone has to understand what the idea is all about and concerns are clarified while building a consensus around the proposal. According to Bauer and Erdogan (2009), this decision-making rule is “inclusive, participatory, cooperative, and democratic” (p.
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