Do Movies Influence Society

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Author: Sangeetha Alwar

Dialoguebaazi (flair for dialogues) is the backbone of Bollywood 's flamboyant personality. Right from bombastic and florid to pedestrian and monosyllabic, it 's all about saying the right words at the right time.

From dances around trees to scantily clad women gyrating to tuneless music in nightclubs, in Bollywood, we have it all. It is one of the largest film production centres in the world. So the question of the reach and success of Bollywood is, lets face it, pointless. The real question that remains to be answered is - “Do movies influence society?"

14272873799329 source Yes! It is extremely, excessively, drastically, and quite dangerously influential. We are a society that thrives on movies. We want to
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Undoubtedly our famous “item numbers”. Needless to say, every single movie of the present times has to have at least one item song, no matter what the plot of the movie is, what the underlying theme is or what the emotions of the protagonist at that particular time and place int he movie is. There simply has to be an item song, or else the movie is in for a flop.

Is this what Indian society thinks about its women? Do we encourage and tolerate such behaviour towards women? Do we appreciate and root for people who view women as objects? The idealistic answer would be “NO”, but that 's just a lie isnt it? If we didn 't sanction and galvanise to such songs, who
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Obviously, being exposed to such kind of movies over a period of time has its adverse affects on the audience. We begin to believe that a single punch dialogue will get us out of tricky situations, that a guy we just met will turn out to be our soul-mate, that stalking a girl and insulting her will actually prove fruitful, that all politicians are bad, that women cry for every single thing, that complete strangers will help us, that courage is the only thing required to face any number of opponents, and so on and so forth. Seriously! We are so absorbed by the same stereotypical, run-of-the-mill romance in the movies that the industry has been spitting out for decades that we don 't even realise the complete absurdity of it all. Do we honestly believe that suicide is the only escape? That people in real life actually appreciate a person who commits suicide ? That the government will stop functioning if a single person immensely dedicated to a social cause dies? Do we truly believe that good will always triumph over evil? That love will conquer all?.

We have this flair and and unmistakable love for melodrama. Just try to think of one movie that doesn 't employ the formulaic ingredients of Bollywood such as star-crossed lovers and angry parents, love triangles, family ties, sacrifice, corrupt politicians, kidnappers, heroes who are able to fight off villains all by themselves, conniving villains, courtesans with hearts of gold, long-lost relatives and siblings separated by

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