Do-Not-Resuscitate: A Literature Review

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Annotated Bibliography Jerika McNealy HCA 322 Instructor Linda Hoppe June 18, 2015 Gupta, D. (2015). Origin, Maintenance and Future of Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR). Indian Journal Of Palliative Care, 21(1), 8-9. doi:10.4103/0973-1075.150150 This source provides a brief description of how do-not-resuscitate came about, how it is maintained in the health care industry, and also its future in this industry. The author, Deepak Gupta, discusses how the quality of life overrules the quantity of life in today’s time because of the much advancement in technology. He also includes details of how, in the past, interventions were being used to resuscitate dying and patients. Deepak Gupta explains the necessity of having do-not-resuscitate policies…show more content…
(2000). The do-not-resuscitate decision: the context, process, and consequences of DNR orders. Death Studies, 24(4), 307-323. This article presents a study done to look at the DNR process and the consequences of it. It focuses mainly on the process and timing of the DNR decision, and also the impact of the DNR order. The conclusion at the end of the study was that there were differences discovered between the patients with a written DNR and the patients that were not-coded successfully. In the article, it also discusses how providers discussed the DNR decision with the patient on a consistent basis, and thus were able to make a decision early on in the process. Tsang, J. C. (2010). The DNR Order: What Does it Mean?. Clinical Medicine Insights: Circulatory, Respiratory & Pulmonary Medicine, (4), 15-23. This article discusses what an actual DNR order is and what it means. The article emphasizes the importance of communicating and having a DNR discussion with the patient. The article also presents questions that should arise when having the DNR conversation with patients and also explains the strengths and weaknesses of the DNR order. It provides solutions as to possibly changing the pattern of practice by updating and/or establishing ethical committees and palliative

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