Do Police Need Body Cameras Essay

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Do police officers really need body cameras? In what ways could it help solve a criminal case. If they should have body cameras would it be necessary for all officers to have them? If they had body cameras they would be able to prove people wrong if the others were lying about what the police officer did. People do not believe the police anymore. In an article By: Jay Stanley for the American Liberties Union says “white officers kill more black people than white.” So they immediately think it is about racism. In my opinion it really it shows that more black people do bad things than white people. People still do not believe that. The other bad thing is the media, because they can over exaggerate things about police officers. Such as how…show more content…
Evidence 1 in the article By: Jay Stanley for the American Civil Liberties Union describes body cameras as “They are small clip on cameras or headsets.” (Stanley). Which means every officer should have one. It 's not like they are something that is going to be hard to work around or work with. Evidence 2 in an article By: PoliceOne staff they speak out by saying “Video is a great equalizer.” (Police staff) So many cops are planning on turning more towards them. This relates back because video truly is what happened you can 't change the video on the card when it comes out of the body camera and onto a computer to be played in front of everyone. The bad things about body cameras are there price. They say they are too expensive. They can cost around $250.00 which is a lot of money but considering how much it could help the officer get out of trouble. Policeone in that article police are offered grants to help the cost and the amount the police officer pays less money. This shows they can be affordable to police officers at a reasonable price. Police officers should have body cameras. They are not trusted by the public. Witnesses do not catch all of the take down. Body cameras are a really good way to get information about the take down. You should care about this because some day you could have a rude cop and bust him with his own
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