Do Rich People Break The Law Essay

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Do Rich People Get Off Easier When They Break The Law? There has always been arguments over the thought of people with money getting away with breaking the laws easier. In every justice system there are things that seem unfair to some. Wealthy people have the money to buy better options to win their cases than people without money. Some people think that wealthy people get simpler punishments than “regular” people. states, “When most people break the law there is some punishment for what they have done”(pg 2). There has been studies that have been done on wealthy people and the law. These are some cases where wealthy people have got off easier than what should have been. The cases against a 16 year old boy, Samuel…show more content…
He also did not have to register as a sex offender as says. If he was a “regular” person than he would have got more jail time, would have to pay a very high fine, and would have to have some sort of community service. People convicted of molestation usually has to register as a sex offender to let others and police know that there is a sex offender around them or their children, but in this situation the judge’s reasoning for letting Johnson off so easy was he had led an otherwise productive life up to this moment in time. The judge decided that Johnson had made a mistake and he realized what he had done and he was every sorry that he had done it. In the case against Shaun Goodman he was sentenced jail time, but he had employ in the community. He was able to leave jail whenever he had to work on the outside. Shaun Goodman was in a high speed chase with the police and it ended with him crashed into a home and two other vehicles. The police after arresting him found out that he was under the influence at the time of driving. It was Goodman’s 7th DUI. In any courtroom the judge would not be that easy on any person with 7 DUIs on his/her
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