Do Smartphones Affect Teen Communication Skills

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To what extend do smartphones affect teenagers communication skills?

Done by: Farah Abusalha
Grade: 9C The Technology development and improvement have played a major role on teenagers. The smartphones have saturated the teenagers between ages 13-19 to access a whole new world. The social media on the smart phone are very influential on countless individuals.
Cell phones have beneficial affections on our communications today, as it takes an enormous part of our daily activities. On the other hand, most of the teenagers are spending lots of time using their cell phones, which is defined in some cases as an addiction. Does this addiction affect out physical and mental health?

Therefore, addiction is forbidden in our communities, thus the only socially accepted addiction is the smartphone addiction, although it is detrimental. Teenagers are spending hours glued to their smartphones and social media accounts, this is because there are various numerical programs and applications that
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Efficient and advanced features, as smartphones have 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, by all of these sharing users can share files in such a short time so it saved the time for different activity, besides smartphones have the ability to integrate with other software and services like twitter, facebook, skype etc. Smartphones also has built-in cameras that made the function of the scanner, Cell phones have a new security system that helps the users to protect their files and documents from viruses and hackers so this will keep business safe. In addition to the personal emergency use as some people only need to call 911 to receive the requested help in case of any danger and
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