Do States Remain The Most Powerful Actor In Global Politics Essay

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To what extent do states remain the most powerful actors in global politics! Discuss States is a powerful actor in global politics as it has a dominant position. A State is a political community as it has an independent organized government with a central authority. A state has recognized borders and have sovereignty and legitimacy. Sovereignty is the independence of a state as it can control over territory and it will also govern. The state consists of a society as it has citizens living there. States uniquely enjoy their sovereignty in international relations as it can legitimately possess coercive military power and create economic wealth form their territory. States can declare wars, as they have the ability to control most of the economic influence within a region. Larger states often dominant the role of international relations within the region. Based on Neorealism, the state plays a very important role in international relations and possesses power to ensure domestic security and economy stability. It also indicates that state is the main actor and clearly specifies the role of the non-states, such as international organization, transnational organizations and many other social organizations.…show more content…
Globalization refers to change in technology which have facilitated the movement of money, information and people beyond the control of nation-states. International intergovernmental organizations are created by states. Organization such as the North Atlantic treaty and the European are well known organizations and they have powerful in internationals relations. The United Nations is solving disputes and arguments between state and they are work together to fight against warfare. The relationships between peace and development are interdependent and it requires the state to play the leading role to coordinate the world circumstance and to protect the world

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