Do The Right Thing Essay

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The film “Do the Right Thing” Directed by Spike Lee takes us through what life is like and what people do in a small town of Brooklyn, New York. According to Sanjek (2000), diversity in the United States has caused major decrease in the white population and has caused increase of the minority population. The neighborhood in which the film revolves around is filled with many different races and ethnical groups such as Koreans, Jews, Whites, Latinos, and Italians but is mainly inhabited by African Americans. And although they all reside in the same community, there still seems to be some struggles and misunderstandings between them from time to time because of ethnical and cultural differences. For example, in this film, conflict arises between…show more content…
As shown in “Do the Right Thing” race makes a huge difference when it comes down to how one will be perceived. Radio Raheem was perceived as a dangerous black man by that white police officer and was therefore not given the opportunity of a calm arrest. The film, “Camp de Thiaroye” directed by Ousmane, Sembene (1987) also features many examples of this. The film takes us through what life is like for infantrymen after fighting in a war to help defend France. Before being sent home they are placed at a Camp de Thiaroye that is entirely located on African soil, where they are meant to reside until their wages have been paid. However the camp soon seems to resemble that of a concentration camp because of the way they seem to be treated. Not only do they get fed disgusting and inedible mush but other problems soon arise when they learn about how they are going to be robbed a vast amount from their wages. One of the men in the film states “a white corpse, a black corpse, it’s the same so why do they refuse to pay us?” As a result, the infantrymen decide to take the General Officer as their hostage in order to convince him to pay them their correct owed amount in full and not at a half rate. In order to be released the General promises the infantrymen the correct amount of wages, but in the end instead of being honorable with his promise he has them all
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