Do The Right Thing Theme

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Reema Alfayez
Leslie Martin
‘Do the right thing’ Analysis
‘Do the right thing’ is a widely recognized film for bringing out controversial issues facing our society. This film by Spike's Lee's challenges the audience to reflect on societal issues by constantly butting together the conflicting ideologies of violence as self-defence and non-violence. Lee manages to highlight this compelling question without telling the audience which is the better choice. The film successfully portrays the diverse, personalities, attitudes and desires that are in conflict in society.
The film Do the Right Thing, is important to our society as it brings out meaningful discussion through its characters on social status, race, and the moral judgments. The film begins with characters rising to start their day and reaches the climax with a community unrest after police officers detain and execute a young black man
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This contrast is demonstrated from the beginning of the film where a female is shown dancing aggressively in a boxing suit while the song Fight the Power sounds in the background thus setting the mood of violence. The next setup of Mister Senor Love Daddy" at Love FM is friendly and accepting he is shown to be a major character resolving conflict in the neighborhood. Contrastingly Radio Raheem is a representation of tension throughout the film as he is depicted as having instigated the fight. These two characters bring forth the contrasting themes of ideologies of non-violence by Martin Luther King Jr. and violence as a defence by Malcolm X. This theme of peace and conflict is still evident in our present society. As there is still a battle of crime and police response to conflict. Presently the clash between violence and non-violence and race persist in our society. The film, social analysis on the effect that race has on police cruelty is still applicable today just like it was 26 years

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