Do Video Games Cause Violence Essay

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Do Videogames Cause Violence in Kids and Young Adults? There have been many cases in recent years trying to link violent actions of some children and young adults to videogames, but do video games really cause violence in these children? If a video game is deemed "unsuitable for children" then parents shouldn’t allow their kids to play them in the first place. The reason I believe that these games don’t cause violence in kids is because the kids that play these games should already know what is right from wrong since it is their parents job to teach them that at a young age. If a child can 't tell what is right from wrong in a video game and repeats those action in real life, then that really isn 't the child 's fault, but more so the parent for not teaching their child that prior knowledge. There have been many occasions where the claim of violent video games leading to youth violence in real life has been disproven. Studies have shown that most tests conducted on the matter are flawed. Experiments often have kids playing for only ten minutes which is not nearly as close to the average amount of time played each day by a child according to psychology professor at Stetson University, Christopher J. Ferguson. This claim has also been ruled out by…show more content…
In some previous cases, violent video games were seen as a contributing factor to these mass shootings because mature video games involve a lot of killing with various types of weapons, including guns. For this reason, video games were linked to the actions committed by these young adults which was later ruled out for the fact that there was no real evidence to verify this claim. Studies published in Psychiatric Quarterly also confirmed that there was no link between video games and hostility in teenagers further verifying that there is no link between the
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