Do Video Games Cause Violent Behavior Essay

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Kids have been acting out by what they see and experience in their precious video games in recent years. As a result, children and teenagers are acting out because of what games they are playing on their Xbox’s, Playstation, Ect. Scientists and doctors know that kid’s brains are not fully developed so what see on television, wond them, and of course video games will influence them. So when kids are playing violent games such as shooting games, fighting games, combat, ect, they will be influenced to act like what they are playing on their video game consoles. Video games cause children to have violent behavior because it influences negatively on their developing brains, causes addiction to playing, and school violence. To begin with, Video…show more content…
These kids are warned that these games are violent but do not listen to the rating that the video game developers put on their games. These games cause kids to become more violent and aggressive. Furthermore, the source reveals…” Some critics claim that there is little difference between what goes on in a first-person shooter and playing a game of Paintball, where players divide up on teams and hunt each other in a wood or elaborately constructed game room. To begin with, Paintball is acting that takes place in the real world. You run around a little, get tired and winded, bumped and scraped. There are serious consequences for getting out of control as you play—in other words—the fact that the game is physical and tangible means that it has limits. These limits not only include your own endurance, but the rules and procedures followed by your fellow players.” (Eugene 2). This portrays that video game can cause addiction because players play the game too often. They can start to become influenced by the game because of excessive playing which could lead to violent behavior. This article portrays that there is little difference on what goes on in a shooter game and other realistic things such as playing paintball. This could cause you to think that actually doing violent things in video games is okay to do in real
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