Video Games Promote Violence

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“As video games have become popular, violent crime has fallen” (Kain 3). In today’s society, there are many opinions circulating as to whether video games are prominent reason as to why violence occurs in our community or not. Video games have been promoted with negativity and that there are only violent video games out there. Although many experts believe that video games could be dangerous and could lead to aggression, this could be proven to be a false statement as there are numerous studies and research to prove otherwise. Video games do not promote violence or cause any aggression and should not be associated with violent crimes and hostility that is taking place in today's society. Video games can in fact provide many benefits to the…show more content…
For example,“No study has ever shown that violent video games result directly in actual violence, let alone mass shootings. That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, though the numbers suggest it’s very unlikely” (Kain 2). This is one statement that contributes to the the fact that video games are not violent and the violence that occurs in our day to day lives are not all related with video games. Furthermore, another quote that shows that playing video actually decreases violence in our community is, “Indeed, the crime rate in the US has sharply decreased as video games have continually upped in the viscera factor” (Dashevsky 1).This proves that video games actually impact the society positively. One theory could be that many potentials criminals would be inside playing video games instead of outside, commiting the crimes. Lastly, another quote that again proves the beneficial impact video games have on society is that, “...violent games may have directly contributed to the decrease in real-world violence. According to Levitt, potential criminals aren’t committing crimes because they are spending so much time playing violent video games” (Dashevsky 2). This again proves the claim above that by playing video games, prospective criminals can avoid commiting crimes. You can infer from this that even though gamers play violent…show more content…
People who take this viewpoint defend their thinking by stating, “Many games with violent content sold in the U.S. - and some with far more violence- are also sold in foreign markets. However, the level of violent crime in these foreign markets is considerably lower than that in the U.S, suggesting that influences such as the background of the individual” (ESA 1). This shows that in contrary to countries where violent content was being sold in a limit, the United States were selling it in a excess. The effect of the excess amount of violent video games being sold in the United States as mentioned above that the gamers are getting a negative impact and influence from the violence portrayed in the games. Not only that, but the gamers aren’t able to differentiate and know that the violence included in the games should stay in the games and shouldn’t be related to real life situations. While it is true that video games can also be beneficial. The most important issue to keep in mind is that video games start with young children and no action is being taken in our country to prevent the sale of the violent video games. For instance, “Man Hunt is a M rated game (17 years old and above) but some retailers sell it to underage kids” (“Katie Couric’s Notebook: Violent Video Games” 2007). This is relating to the claim above since retailers don’t have any age restrictions for

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