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Many people believe that we value animal less than for what they are and through our action we act with criminal intent against them. This is because animals are viewed as food and some religions even view them as a god. For instance, the Hindus worship cows. What I meant by criminal intent is that we use them in animal research, animal testing, and animal used for entertainment. From my opinion, we value animal less than for what they are.
A number of recorded studies found that there is a syndrome that is related with animal cruelty, it is called the “Animal Cruelty Syndrome”. There are two types of “Animal Cruelty Syndrome” which are active cruelty and passive cruelty. Active Cruelty is cruelty inflicted with deliberate intent to harm an animal creating immediate pain and suffering. The examples of active cruelty are animal testing, poaching forced animal breeding and animal used for sport and ritual. Passive cruelty on the other hand, is harm inflicted via willful neglect creating prolonged sufferings and an example of Passive cruelty is not providing enough food or clean water for the animals to eat and drink. The existence of this syndrome shows that we do not value animal that much.
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Over twenty five million animals are killed in the United States for animal testing. The specific type of animals used depends upon the type of test that is performed. There are three main purposes of animal testing. First is to advance scientific knowledge about animals themselves. Second is to use animals as models for studying human diseases, such as viruses, and the effectiveness of human medicine, Third is to use animals as toxicity testing of drugs , food, cosmetics, and household chemicals; these experiments tells us whether a particular manufactured substance might be harm or even lethal for humans. Almost animal are killed when the studies are complete. This show that we value animals less than for what they

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