Do What You Love Analysis

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A Critique of “Do What You Love? #@&** That!” In the essay “Do What You Love? #@&** That!” Jeff Haden(2012) Expresses his opinion on passion and how it should affect your choice in starting a business. Haden states that “passion is not something you follow but passion is something that follows you. The essay puts a great emphasis on choosing a business that will provide a good residual income or at the very least is able to sustain its own livelihood. In my opinion this essay was very well written and was very straightforward. I do agree with the writer to a certain extent. I feel that it is important to love what you do. In the essay he states that passion would follow but are you really going to put in 110% of your effect if you don’t love what you do from the start? I do however agree that before starting a business you should make sure that you are going to be providing a service or good that is necessary and that is needed. This essay is a good read for people who have just graduated and are unsure of what route to continue on. In this essay Haden (2012) Express is opinion on choosing a business to start and how passion should affect that decision. Haden clearly demonstrates his view within the first paragraph of the essay. He states that passion should not be the main reason you start a business but money should be the driving point. Most importantly the business should be able to sustain itself and provide you with an income. He provides a scenario where someone
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