Do You Agree With The Declaration Of Independence

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I agree with the declaration of independence. The declaration of independence was a statement made because the American colonies did not like being ruled by the British government nor being taxed without having a say in it. Both British and American colonies were involved in this, although there was many other leaders involved as well. Leaders such as Richard Henry Lee, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, Thomas Jefferson and many others. They introduced the resolution for the American Colonies problems with the British and were imposed to write it. The King of Great Britain was George the third. The Declaration of independence was a statement that was given purposes and a statement that would make many changes to give others their independence that they need. It was clear to many that what had been occurring for a long time was wrong and it was not going to keep being allowed as July 4,1976. The American Colonies needed the freedom and independence that Great Britain had and it was not write for the British to have control of it. The act of the British that was being done which was giving the American …show more content…

This quote means people have to protect themselves from an attack, people of the right to go against government and have the right to own property and defend it. People should not be told how to live or what to do. Everyone deserves their own freedom and that is what the declaration of independence did. Everyone has rights and no one should take that from us or take advantages from us. This declaration did many changes for our world, bettered things and hopefully everyone gets aboard with it because who knows how we would be without it. Without it we would most likely be down the drain, with many more wars, with the same problems that used to occur. Today the declaration of independence should be taken advantage of it and we should still try to better even

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