Do You Agree With Winston Churchill Without Failing Sometimes People Will Not Be Successful?

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I agree with Winston Churchill, without failing sometimes people will not be successful. It may happen sometimes, but most people fail again and again until they finally succeed. It is near impossible to always succeed, humans are not perfect we make mistakes and fail, but as long as we keep our enthusiasm up and keep trying then we will eventually have success in most things we pursue in life. Do you think that we are all just born perfect, no we have to experiment with things and often fail in the process. I agree with Winston Churchill, because we are human we live and learn, without failing the first few times you will never learn, and if you keep your enthusiasm high even when you continue to fail, then eventually you will succeed. For starters, if you keep your enthusiasm high even when you continue to fail over and over, then eventually you will be likely…show more content…
We are never born knowing how to accomplish every action we want. For instance, babies the first few times they try to stand up and walk, they will collapse if they are not holding onto a sturdy object like a piece of furniture. If they keep trying though, then eventually they will be able to keep their balance and stumble around then later walk. In most activities we try to conquer in life we will fail at first. For example, doctors and scientist try many medicines in labs and most of them will not be a success, but sooner or later they will create one that will give people a better chance at staying healthy.
In conclusion, without failure and staying enthusiastic when we fail, there would be no success. Therefore, I agree with Winston Churchill that failure is a key part of success. If you keep your enthusiasm high even when you fail multiple times you will eventually have success. Most of us fail at things when we try them for the first few time. Plus, we are human we have to live and learn that is how the world
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