Do You Have To Go To College Essay

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“You have to go to college.”, “College is very important.”. College is the main topic in a life depending conversation between people. The youthful generations are always told to go to college after high school, even though this may motivate the youth to get a higher education, not many can afford the big amount of money. Moreover, it is also very difficult to get a full academic scholarship to a college, not to mention top colleges such as Harvard, Stanford and even Princeton. In all fairness, is college really worth the trouble or is it just a way to drain people both financially, physically and mentally? Presumably, college is a big deal to people especially parents. College gives advantages to a person’s life such as getting payed more or getting a better job than others, but what others didn’t mention is that various have to pay off student debt for, well, most of their lives because of the…show more content…
It is agreed that college is helpful, but in what type of way? Ultimately, it is not benefiting to one’s health with the lack of energy and sleep due to worrying about getting accepted or not. In fact, students can get paranoid very fast. The peers in college get worried about ideas that turn out to be quite understanding and realistic, for instance, they think about someone trying to hurt them while staying in their dorms or getting sexually assaulted. These paranoias can drain a drastic amount of exuberance which can lead to being tired in class. No doubt, even parents get a little restless with college, take the same article Why College Isn’t (And Shouldn’t Have to Be) For Everyone as an example, it explains that parents stop communicating to other parents and have become uptight due to the stiff competition between
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