Do You Think That The Fact That Nathaniel Bacon Was Related To Berkeley's Wife

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Elizabeth Bacon meant that young Nathaniel Bacon thought that he was in a higher class than those around him when he went to Virginia. Nathaniel Bacon was a “vain and arrogant man,” which means that he didn’t treat those around him with much respect. He didn’t get along with those around him, which is why Elizabeth Bacon and her husband had to help Nathaniel Bacon and his wife settle down. 2. Do you think that the fact that Nathaniel Bacon was related to Berkeley’s wife had anything to do with his appointment? Yes, because Nathaniel Bacon was a distant cousin to Berkeley’s wife, which means that it would have been in Governor William Berkeley’s interests to appoint Nathaniel Bacon to a high position, in order to make his wife happy. It …show more content…

The Powhatans live in isolated areas segregated from the English. Should they be paying tribute to the Governor for protection? They shouldn’t have been paying tribute to the Governor for protection, because Native Americans who weren’t the Powhatans were the perpetrators who attacked the English settlers, and not the Powhatans. The Powhatans were completely innocent, and they didn’t try to take over land that belonged to the English settlers. The Powhatans themselves also didn’t need protection, as they were perfectly able to defend themselves against others./ 2. Should the Susquenahannock chiefs have been allowed to leave the meeting alive? They should have been allowed to leave the meeting alive, because the Susquenahannock chiefs said that they were innocent, which would have at least warranted an investigation to make sure that they were, in fact, innocent. If the Susquenahannock Indians were the actual attackers, they probably wouldn’t have sent five of their chief men to talk. Also, the militia units risked attacking innocent people by not investigating if the claims of innocence were actually true. In fact, even Governor Berkeley said that they should not have been killed even if they weren’t innocent, since they came …show more content…

By keeping friendly Indians as allies, there would be a smaller amount of people to fight, since Bacon’s policy probably would’ve started an alliance between the Powhatan and Susquehannock Indians. Additionally, by keeping local Indians friendly, the Indians could be used as spies, buffers, and allies, providing a tactical advantage. Also, Berkeley had actual funding that he could use to fight the Indians, while Bacon was bankrupt himself. These reasons prove that Berkeley’s plan would be more

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